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The Prez Sez, by John Trapp - August 2017

I don’t know about you, but July was a pretty busy beer drinking month for me. It started out with a long 4th of July weekend in Talkeetna followed up by Jeff and Cathy hosting the club for a BBQ at their home. I then headed north and judged beers at ET Barnette in Fairbanks and finished off the month with The Culmination beer festival at Anchorage Brewing Company.

I would say my liver needs a rest, but we’re just getting started here folks. First, a correction! For the last two months I’ve been telling you the wrong date for Augtoberfest at 49th State Brewing Company in Healy. It is Friday and Saturday August 11 and 12, NOT the weekend before. I apologize if this messes up anyone’s plans.

Here’s the three month calendar of events:

August 11th & 12th – Augtoberfest at 49th State Brewing Company in Healy, AK.

August 19th – BBQ at Peter and Shannon Hall’s House. See Peter’s article on this.

September 16th – Talkeetna Beer Festival! Tickets are $55 and worth every penny.

September 19th – Monthly meeting at 49th State Brewing Company, 7:00p.m.

September 23rd – Bodega Fest.

End of September through mid-October – Oktoberfest season starts!

October 8th – Anchor Town invitational Home Brew Competition

October 14th - Autumn Pour HBC in Juneau.

October 17th – Monthly meeting at 49th State Brewing Company, 7:00p.m.

A couple of thank yous are in order, first to John and Rose Craig for opening up their Talkeetna homestead to the brew club over the long 4th of July weekend. It’s always a good time whooping it up with the Yoder Roaders.

Next, Jeff and Cathy Loughrey get a much appreciated thank you for hosting the July BBQ at their home on Lake O’ the Hills. There was lots of great food and beer, plus my son caught three fish in the lake.

Peter and Shannon Hall will be hosting the August BBQ at their home on August 19th. See Peter’s article for time and location. This is a great opportunity to bring those JAB’s (junior alcohol beers) we’ve all been brewing this summer. You have been brewing them, right?

If you’re heading up to Healy for Augtoberfest the second weekend in August, be sure to tell me how it goes. I have visitors coming in from out of town and won’t make it (they’re not big beer drinkers). So I can’t drag them along even if I wanted to. I guess I’m the one whose plans got messed up with my false date of this event. This should be a great road trip!

Something to keep in mind, when we start up our monthly meeting in September we will open up nominations for all officer positions as well as three board positions. So if you are interested in running for a seat feel free to ask any of the current members and we will gladly tell you what we do (beer club wise) and what’s involved with holding that position. It’s a very rewarding way to give back to the club. Think about it.

Also, don’t forget to enter the competitions coming up in October. The Anchor Town Invitational is on October 8, and then the Autumn Pour is in Juneau on October 14th. Plan on entering both of these events and plan on judging them too.

There will be no "Meet Your Local" article this month; it’s a long story and I won’t bore you with the details, but we will be having a double feature next month.

Remember, be safe and drink responsibly when out and about and keep those carboys filled.

Until next month, Cheers.
-John Trapp

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