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The Prez Sez, by John Trapp - September 2017

August started out fairly hot and sunny, but by mid-month the rains took over. I mean - holy cow - it has poured buckets of rain down the last two weeks!

I hope everyone took advantage of the wet weather to brew some beer. There's still time because I promise, there's more rain coming. At least my garden is benefiting from this.

Celebrate the fact that craft and home brewing are robust in our state. The upcoming Anchortown Homebrew Competition is ample testimony to homebrewing's prowess in our community. QUAKE Brewing company opened in Wasilla last week. Cooper Landing Brewing Company now has a license to brew in the Peninsula. Kevin Burton of Glacier Brewhouse is expanding the empire's reach by working to create Matanuska Brewing Company in Palmer. Home brewed and craft beer is on the move in our state.

The rains did let us just enough to enjoy our August BBQ at Peter and Shannon Hall's home. We had a nice turn out and some good food and beer, a bid thanks to the Hall family. Here's the three month calendar of events.

September 16th - Talkeetna Beer Festival! Tickets are $55 and worth every penny

September 19th - GNBC Monthly Meeting at 49th State Brewing Company, 7:00pm

September 23rd - Bodega Fest

End of September through mid-October – Oktoberfest season starts!

October 7th - Valdez Oktoberfest Home Brew Competition

October 8th – Anchor Town invitational Home Brew Competition

October 14th - Autumn Pour HBC in Juneau.

October 17th – Monthly meeting at 49th State Brewing Company, 7:00p.m.

November 21st - Monthly Meeting at 49th State Brewing Company, 7:00pm

I'm Keeping my fingers crossed that the weather is nice for the Labor Day weekend. I send out a club e-mail earlier letting everyone know that John and Rose Craig have once again opened the homestead off of Yoder Road in Talkeetna to club members to camp for the weekend. There's a chance you're not going to read this before the vacation starts, so let me know how it goes.

Speaking of Talkeetna, if you couldn't make it up there over Labor Day, think about heading up for the Talkeetna Beer Festival on September 16th. This is a fantastic easy-going, laid back beer festival that's a real pleasure to attend. Not that I don't enjoy attending other festivals, because I do. But there's a nice small town feel to it and everyone has a great time. Well worth the $55 ticket price.

We will be resuming our monthly meetings in September in the basement of 49th State Brewing Company. A couple of reminders for the meeting; please pay your membership does. Also, bring commercial beer for the raffle. Our raffle is the biggest revenue maker for the club. Nominations for all officer positions and three board positions will be opened. Please consider running for a position. I'll address what the positions do before nominations are opened. It's a very rewarding way to give back to the club. Think about it.

We also haven't forgotten that education is a big part of our club and the meetings. In September Mike Fisher will be talking about Saison beers (one of my favorites). In October we will be talking about sanitation, or how to achieve good sanitation. And in November we will have a tasting of off flavors (probably from bad sanitation). Also, don't forget to enter the competitions coming up in October. The Anchor Town Invitational on October 8th, see Mike's article on this, and then Autumn Pour in Juneau on October 14th. So plan on entering, AND plan on judging them too.

This months "Meet Your Local" article features Anchorage Brewing Company's owner - Gabe Fletcher.

Remember, be safe and drink responsibly when out and about and keep those carboys filled.

Until next month, Cheers.
-John Trapp

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