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The Prez Sez, by John Trapp - May, 2017

If you couldn’t tell, our creative newsletter editors poked a little fun at me this month by using an old picture of me. I’m quite sure this was taken at a GNBC event at the Goose. I do know the picture was taken in February of 2002, so use your imagination.

I hope April was as productive for you as it was for me. I managed to get two batches of beer brewed; one being my JAB (Junior Alcohol Beer) the blonde ale that I brought to the April meeting and the other being a Pear Wine that will take another month or two before I find out the quality of it. Hopefully everyone is brewing up the session beers we talked about at the meeting, it’s going to be a hot summer and we all need easy drinking beers for a few months. Here’s the three month calendar of events

May 6th – Brew-a-Thon at Kevin Sobolesky’s Parents home on Emerald Street.

May 16th – Monthly meeting at 49th State – 7:00 p.m.

May 26th & 27th – Haines Craft Beer Festival in Haines, AK – Road Trip!

June 10th – Alaska Run for Women, join the Brewbies. See Julie’s article for more info

June 16th to 18th – Summer Campout at South Rolly Lake Overlook Shelter. It’s at the end of the Nancy Lake Parkway.

July 11th – Summer BBQ at Jeff and Cathy’s house on Lake O the Hills.

July 15th – E.T. Barnette Homebrew Competition in Fairbanks (Fox, AK)

At the April meeting, we had a special guest that came up from Madison, Wisconsin. Mr. Robin Shepard was up in Anchorage back in 2000 when he stumbled into Humpy’s and sat with a “bunch” of GNBC’ers during a drinking event. One member that invited him to sit with them, and later gave him a flight seeing tour was the Late Larry Williamson. Most of us that knew Larry would all agree that this would have been a Larry thing to do. Robin said that the whole week he was here GNBC members took him out to brew pubs, made sure he had plans for his evenings and had someone to enjoy beer with. Here’s another example of good old Alaskan hombrewery and beer lover hospitality

That hospitality inspired Robin to get into the beer writing business and he’s written three books so far. If anyone is ever in Madison and needs recommendations for beer, please call or e-mail Robin and he’ll gladly steer you in the right direction. Anyone that brings three bottles of New Glarus Belgian Red to a GNBC meeting can’t be a bad guy

If you’re reading this, Brew-a-Thon is this Saturday on May 6. We’ll be back at Kevin Sobolesky’s parent’s home. See Kevin’s article on the event. Also, please consider volunteering for set up, clean up, cooking or any other task that needs to be addressed. This is a great opportunity to brew up a batch of session beer, more specifically the JAB’s we’ve been talking about. Remember, you all promised to brew at least one batch of beer a year?

The Haines Craft Beer Festival is on May 26 and 27 this year. If you wish to enter any beers in the homebrew competition but won’t be going, you can bring them to the May meeting and Carl Morgan will take them with him. He will also check with Petr and Lisa at Arctic Brewing Supply for any entries dropped off there before May 18.

The Brewbies are back. Julie McDonald is putting together a team for the Alaska Run for Women if you would like to participate in the fight against breast cancer. This event is on June 10th and raises money for breast cancer research. Please read Julies article on this

The summer campout will be at South Rolly Lake Overlook shelter on June 16 thru the 18. It’s a new spot for us and the weekend should be a great time. So bring the RV, travel trailer, pick-up truck or tent. It’s right on the water and not too far from Anchorage. In fact, just take the Nancy Lake Parkway to the end and you’ll find us on the left. Peter has an article on this with a map.

The July BBQ at Jeff and Cathy’s house up on Lake O’ the Hills will be on July 11. GNBC thanks the Loughrey’s for having us back to enjoy their home on a nice lake where my boy caught his first fish.

July 15 is the E.T. Barnette Homebrew Competition in Fairbanks. Scott is always looking for judges and the quality of the beers is usually excellent. This year the selected categories are pretty nice, so it’s definitely worth a trip north.

This month “Meet Your Local” article features Pamela Hatzis, owner of the fabulous La Bodega Liquor stores.

Remember, be safe and drink responsibly when out and about and keep those carboys filled.

Until next month, Cheers.
-John Trapp

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