The Great Northern Brewers Club

The American Homebrewers Association (AHA) has a monthly/bimonthly Club Only Competition(COC) and the next one will be judged by the Carolina Brewmasters of Charlotte, NC.


If you would like to enter your beer(s), you will need to attend or have someone else bring your beer to the February 16th GNBC monthly meeting. All you need to bring is one bottle. Just make sure that if your beer is selected as the winner, that you have three more bottles to be sent down to the competition in North Carolina.


The following Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) categories will be accepted: Category 10 A (American Pale Ale), 10 B (American Amber Ale), and 10 C ( American Brown Ale). Go to for more details on the specific styles. The judging panel which will consist of BJCP certified judges. At the meeting, they will collect all entries and will find the best example to forward to the competition. The club will then package up three bottles and ship the entry to the main competition’s collection site. The GNBC will pay for the entry fees and the shipping costs.


Brew On!

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