The Great Northern Brewers Club

By Steve Schmitt - January 24th , 2007
For the uninitiated, here’s the game plan. You can brew beer/mead and enter it in any competition you want. I don’t care. However, points for Brewer of the Year can only be earned in certain categories at certain events over the course of the year.  Here’s the schedule:

Fur Rendezvous (February) – Pilsner (2), Bock (5), Amber Hybrid (7), Scottish/Irish (9), Porter (12), Sour Ale (17), Belgian Strong (18), Specialty (24), Other Mead (26), Standard Perry/Cider (27)

 Snowgoose Breakup Competition (April) – Helles (1D), Classic American Pils (2C), Altbier (7C), Ordinary Bitter (8A), American Brown (10C), Dry Stout (13A)

National Homebrew Competition (All Rounds) – All categories

State Fair (August) – Light Lager (1), European Amber Lager (3), Light Hybrid (6), English Brown (11), IPA (14), Fruit Beer (20), Smoke/Wood (22), Melomel (25), Specialty Perry/Cider (28)

Humpys Big Fish (December) – Dark Lager (4), English Pale (8), American Ale (10), Stout (13), German Wheat/Rye (15), Belgian/French (16), Strong Ale (19), SHV (21), Traditional Mead (24)

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