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The Prez Sez, by Peter Hall - January, 2015

The hardest part of writing an article is just finding exactly where to start. I usually try to say something about the weather, but I would rather not this time around. I sort of just did, so….the weather sucks. Ok, I’m done. You are new to the Alaska beer scene all together if you didn’t already know that we have a very full calendar coming up. I may possibly find a few things to talk about.

I have gratitude that I am happy to share. First , I would like to thank the GNBC. 2014 was another tremendous year and the GNBC kept the party rolling all year long. I’m happy to be back for another year as Prez, but I certainly could not keep this club together on my own. I have the board, executives, and many members who regularly step up to help out with our well populated calendar. Thank you, hopefully I say it enough in person! I will be back to ask you all for assistance in the coming year.

Big Fish was a tremendous triumph. It always is. Thanks to everyone that makes this a great competition. It was sort of a twilight zone of a competition. There were nine sour beer entries and only three IPA’s out of 97 total entrants. How did that ever happen? Thank you to Humpy’s for hosting us for this 20th anniversary competition. Hopefully we can continue to grow this competition through the coming years. I half took the reins this time around and should have total control of it next year. I would be fraught and overjoyed to see 150 entries in 2015. We should have a whole new batch of BJCP judges by then to handle them all. Check out the article below to clue in on the BJCP stuff. There are many competitions to be had between now and then. I will see you all at Fur Rondy!

December is now gone and the GNBC did everything it could to send it packing with a bang. The Christmas party was held the same day as Big Fish. The Alaska Zoo graciously let us stay a little past the end of our reservation time. We were ready to party! 2 Cent Acre was back to get our feet moving with verve and great success. Thank you! I had many great beverages with many great friends and danced around like a fool. I hope that you all had as much fun as I did. Thank you all for respecting the space and helping me to leave the room in (hopefully) better (at least as good) condition than we found it.

A new year is here, and to usher us all into it in varying degrees of sobriety is Alaska Beer Week. The event list continues to grow every year. I could be happy to meet the dogged individual capable of going to every event. This individual would have to be some kind of time wizard because there are more events than hours in the day to contain them all. is an excellent reference to try to plan your attack. I will be hitting my favorite beer dinner, and know I will see a number of familiar faces there.

Our huge beer week gathering is of course upon us as well. This year’s featured guest is the magnanimous Greg Koch of Stone Brewing. I’m excited for this great gathering and my chance to meet the people that travel all the way to Alaska for GABBF. GNBCers should be well aware of the way this event runs by now. This will be our third year under the newer guidelines. Things have gone so well the last two years that it is getting more and more comfortable for everybody. I will send out emails and there is a full rundown on Facebook to help you understand the evening. Just be sure, absolutely sure, that you have your GNBC membership card. YOU WILL NEED IT! Please contact Kat at if you need help in that area.

Regrettably there is an event that is dramatically changing on the beer week calendar and may be falling off the GNBC event calendar all together. The Anchorage Curling Club has been experiencing some technical difficulties with their ice making equipment. The beer dinner that has been held at ACC has been saved, but with a dramatic venue change. Our usual April “learn to curl” event will probably have to be skipped over this year. I hope that we will be able to help the ACC get back to pushing around very heavy stones sooner rather than later. If anyone from the ACC or the GNBC has ideas of how we can do that, please let me know.

Conveying information can be easier said than done. Sometimes I have to be presented a question before I have the wherewithal to answer it. If you have questions, I have answers. Or at least I know who to talk to that does have answers. I hope to see you all on January 15 at the Snow Goose Theater to hang out with all of our BGA friends and greet all the visiting beer luminaries. We sent 2014 out with style and now we will greet 2015 with gusto. Contact me at with any questions/comment/concerns you may have.

Keep your brews hot and beers cold.
-Prez Peter

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