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The Prez Sez, by Peter Hall - November, 2014

Longer nights and bigger beer are ahead of me. I’m honestly looking forward to it. I would say that I appreciate winter and summer equally; I’m just not a fan of the transition between the two. Now that it is colder, and is going to stay that way for several months, I am back into a regular and predictable brewing schedule. The GNBC calendar really fills out in the winter months too.

First and foremost, it’s election time. We have three board positions up for a vote and all of the executive spots. I’d rather not say right now who is running. I feel it may dissuade others from throwing their names in the hat. I’ve already alluded to running again, so there is one little piece. I promise you, my feelings will not be hurt if you decide to run against me. If you have any questions about the available spots you can send me an email at

We are going to send out 2014 with a bang. This is the 20th Annual Humpy’s Big Fish Homebrew Competition year. Humpy’s and Midnight Sun are cooking up some wild prizes to help celebrate this momentous occasion. If you are yet to enter into a competition or to judge one, this is the one to get started off right. The time is now. This is already the largest competition that the GNBC puts on and this year should be a big one. You can come out to Sub Zero at 612 F St at 10 am on December 6th to see how easy and fun it can be

Keeping the party rolling, we will be headed back to the Alaska Zoo for our annual Christmas party. We were at the Zoo last year and from what I heard/experienced, it was a smashing success. So we decided to go back there again. This year we will be partying Speak Easy circa 1925 (or so) style. Big Fish should wrap up with enough time for you to eat something before heading out to the Gateway Hall at the zoo at 7pm. More information follows.

The GNBC has cleaned up yet again at the Valdez homebrew competition. Thank you Brian Noonan for working to make sure we are a part of it. We are happy to send our beers down with a small entry fee and then come home with much more than we left with. For all of us, it was either “just” a great experience or even some extra cash. Thank you Valdez for inviting all of us down. And thank you GNBC for doing such a great job of representing yourself so well.

Looking ahead my traditional three months puts me smack in the middle of Beer Week. There is so much going on and so much still to plan that I can only mention some amorphous cloud off in the distance. Beer Week is in January and there are a ton of events, including our big beer week meeting.

I struggled to formulate my message. I procrastinated terribly in getting it done. Hopefully I managed some sort of clarity. I was sure that the Hall-o-ween fuzz had worn off, until I tried to write. If you have any kinds of questions/comments/concerns *or you want to run for a board or executive position*, please email me at

Keep your brews hot and beers cold.
-Prez Peter

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