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The Prez Sez, by Peter Hall - April, 2015

I probably should have referenced spring in the last newsletter article I wrote. We have had warm temperatures and very little snow for quite a while now. I say that it is warm, but really only considering that we are in Alaska. Temps are great right now for brewing outside and keeping predictable fermentation temperatures. Get on brewing before time runs out. We have a ton of events encroaching upon us. I hope to make you all aware of everything coming with enough warning to be ready. There have all of the required supporting articles further down in the newsletter, and one silly one from me.

March is usually when we head out to the Anchorage Curling Club to spend a day with our friends and have fun on the ice. Sadly, they are still out of commission after a failure in their ice making equipment. I hope that the ACC understands that the GNBC misses the company and that we would all be happy to hang out again sometime. We would especially be happy to help them however we can. I am aware that they are trying to raise funds on a gofundme account here: We may not be the most skilled labor, but I am at least able to lift and move things. Hope to see you back in action before the next season begins.

Beer Tripping gets better and better every year. We are all becoming more like old friends that are happy to be hanging out again. All of the events went off without a hitch (as far as I know) and I’m quite sure we are welcome back next year. I appreciate all of you that managed to make it representing us so well. All of those that couldn’t go, thanks for holding down the fort. I’m sure you will make it out next time. The Talkeetna businesses were more than happy to see us. We hopefully rewarded their good service well. Thank you Joe Michael for all your help putting this together, to Denali Brewing for bringing us out again, and all the wonderful Talkeetnans for letting us hang out. I hope to see you all there again next year.

Competitions are always right around the corner. The next one coming is with very short notice, but it happens to be hosting the American Ale category so I have a feeling that many of you have beers you can enter. Dan Bosch has managed to pull together the Snow Goose Spring Breakup competition. This one is open to only the styles stated. Like I said though, I’m sure that most of you already have some beer on hand that you will be able to enter. I know this is short notice, but I hope to see a lot of judges there to finish this competition quickly with many interesting viewpoints. Please check out the article attached and I will see you at The Goose on April 25 at 10am.

Just as the temps get solidly comfortable to be outside, we will be hanging out at 9551 Emerald Street for Brew a thon 2015! Last year we shifted the date forward a week after very late season snow the year before that. We managed to push things into a weekend that had amazing sun and was above average warm. The funny thing is that the turnout was about as low as when we had terrible weather. So the board decided to go with tradition, rather than convenience, and moved the date back to coincide with the AHA big brew day. Last year I hosted a brand new brewer, and I feel like it helped me to have a more successful brew day all together. It made me slow down to explain all of the steps. I realized better what I was actually doing, rather than sailing though everything. I encourage all of your to being out whoever would like to tag along. Please check out Kevin K’s article down below.

It sure is nice to have enthusiastic people helping the GNBC to have a successful time at all of the events we do. Kat K, our membership coordinator, is zealously taking over the coordinator spot for our summer camp out. We alternate every year between Eklutna and Trail River for our summer hang out. This year we are back at Trail River. Eklutna is wonderful, but I think Trail River is a little more developed and very comfortable for our large group. There is plenty of room to have a great fire and circle tons of people around it. Please review Kat’s article, and then come to Trail River on the weekend of June 12-14.

My life has been pulled in several directions lately. It has all been great, but leave my brain a little slow to respond. Shannon and I went to California to be in our very good friend’s wedding. As soon as we got back we headed to Talkeetna for beer tripping. All of this is going on while we are buying a new home on the south side and actively trying to sell our current home on the east side. If you have questions/comments/ concerns for me I will still do my best to get back to you quickly and coherently. Thank you all for your continued support of the GNBC.

Keep your brews hot and beers cold.
-Prez Peter

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