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The Prez Sez, by Peter Hall - June, 2015

The monthly challenge is always get ting one of these articles together, especially when the sun is so warm and bright. Even when I have a ton of work to do around my new home, I front load all of the outside work as much as possible. With interesting things happening at work, and a very busy home life, I have been feeling really beat up and I didn’t muster the energy to communicate with all of you. I do apologize for not getting out a newsletter last month. I will my best to keep you all well informed, and I hope you can enjoy my writing too.

Crazy times are dropping back to manageable and I am greatly looking forward to a little more time to hang out with all of my GNBC (and everyone else in my life) friends very soon. Summer is back and we have complimentary events to go along with the warmer weather.

The Snow Goose comp happened some time ago now. Even if there had been a May newsletter (sorry again) I would not have had results for you. I do now. The comp had low quantity entries but high quality attendance. If you are interested in the results, please review them below. Anchor town is tentatively scheduled far enough out right now that you have time to make some fresh brews for it. Check out all of the accompanying info down below.

Thank you to the Soboleskys! Brew-a-thon could not have been held on a better Alaskan spring day. There were only a few small but manageable mishaps that you could expect on your average brew day. I did watch one six gallon carboy explode in the hands of the person trying to empty the cleaning solution out of it. Luckily, no one was hurt and the beer found a new fermentation home. Assistance was abundant to run the event, but could have been coordinated a little better. GNBCers are eager to help, just sometimes need my and the boards direction on exactly how to help best. We always work to make our events better and better. Next year will be no different, I don’t know if I want the weather to be any different though. Thank you again, Soboleskys!

Summer camping season has firmly arrived and I know we are all ready to partake. At least really hope you are, because the GNBC camp out at Trail River is right around the corner. This year we are back on the wonderful Kenai Peninsula. Please review the article from Kat later on in this newsletter, and plan to be at the Trail River Group Site A on the weekend of June 12-14!

Barbequing on a gorgeous deck above a picturesque small lake is an ideal day for a group of friends in the middle of July. Jeff Loughrey and Cathie Straub have hosted the GNBC a number of times, and they have been nice enough to invite us back. Sharing great things on the barbeque and great beverages may have something to do with it. I know that we are nice guests and treat the neighbors well too. Being good guests may even earn us the privilege of visiting Ira Edwards’ home in August. These events are not scheduled quite yet. Both tend to happen in the first half of the month. Keep an eye out for info as it becomes available.

Beer dinners happen sporadically as people find enough time to put together a well choreographed evening. As I have hinted, my wife and I just purchased a big beautiful new home. There is plenty of room in the kitchen to mill about and a dining area fit for a large table. I know that Shannon and I will host a beer dinner sometime this year. These are always coordinated through email and I do not have a timeline for you just yet. Hopefully just the mention of beer dinners can spur others to join in on the fun of hosting a dozen or so GNBC friends? Always keep an eye out for an email inviting you to one of these events. Spots tend to fill very quickly.

I hope you are reviewing the GNBC emails that go out. I try to keep everyone well informed, but also try not to pester you. I can do this best by writing out a well informed Prez Sez and sending out periodical email updates. I’m sure I miss a thing from time to time. GNBC Secretary, Jim O’Toole, can usually pick up any of that slack. Don’t miss out Jim O’Toole’s writing of events to come and some of his beer adventures. For any questions/comments/corcerns, please email me at

Keep your brews hot and beers cold.
-Prez Peter

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