The Great Northern Brewers Club
The Prez Sez, by Peter Hall - May, 2016

Greetings brewing friends!

Kevin has been lucky enough to get out of the country for a few weeks, and I guess I felt up to doing a little writing. I will keep this short and sweet. There are a number of quality articles to peruse in this newsletter.

Spring exploded in the last week! The GNBC calendar is shifting appropriately for sunnier days. Barbeques and campouts abound. There’s not much is planned yet. The campout is squared away, but the BBQs still have some sorting out.

Stay tuned to future newsletters and emails to know where to be.

Competitions are always just around the corner. Coming up very soon is the IPA Masters Competition at 49th State Brewing in Anchorage on April 30. This is a heavily remodeled competition with some new hosts. Please review the article elsewhere in the newsletter if you needed any reminders. I hope to see you all there helping contribute with entries and your judging prowess.

The Anchor Town Invitational Homebrew Competition is a ways out, but inside is an article for that as well. Now is the time to get the next few batches ready.

An easy opportunity to make several batches in the company of other GNBCers churning through batches is at Brewathon. We will be back at 9551 Emerald Street on May 7 to show off our own systems and make a whole bunch of beer. Please check out that article inside too.

I hope this works well to help keep everyone informed of upcoming events. There is some quality content in this newsletter that’s worthy of a read. I always appreciate receiving items to include in the newsletter. I’m not generally going to be writing the Prez Sez, but I am still the collection point to send out to the editors. If you have questions/comments/concerns, or have a contribution for the newsletter, email me at

Keep your brews hot and beers cold,
-Treasurer Peter

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