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The Prez Sez, by Peter Hall - March, 2015

The season of change is upon us again. With so little snow covering the ground, I feel it may just disappear overnight and all of a sudden it will just be summer. Hopefully this spring will be a smooth one, and we don’t all disappear in a cloud of wildfire smoke when everything dries out a lot faster than usual. I do certainly prefer nice sunny days, but some rain will probably do us all a lot of good this spring. All will be good as long as everything clears up for GNBC events. We have the usual myriad of events to partake in. This transitional time from winter to spring is a great time for the GNBC. We take full advantage of the season and have a ton of fun doing it.

Thank you to everyone who made it out to the Fur Rondy homebrew competition. It turned out to be one of the most successful competitions we have ever had. Big Fish is easily the largest competition we have, but this one really gave it a run for its money. We were well stocked on judges, and all of the judges had plenty of great beer to judge. I was fortunate enough to be paired up with a couple of novice judges and we hammered out the IPA’s without any particular trouble.

I listened to the folks at the tables around me while many novice judges were being coached through one of their first judging experiences. We even had a good showing of entries from the Kenai Peninsula Brewing and Tasting Society. I like to see the GNBC have serious competition come from outside of Anchorage. We have great beer within our club to keep standards high, but an outside touch is greatly appreciated to push us even harder.

Talkeetna Beer Tripping is upon us! In a short 3 weeks from now a large number of us will head out to Talkeetna to revel in the town’s hospitality. I figured out my family’s accommodations a few weeks ago and bet that there isn’t much left. I wouldn’t rule it out, though. If you have not already made plans, get to it. Shannon and I will be there with Clark and our dog Jelly Bean. This, obviously, family friendly event is a great time. There is an article included that has a full rundown of events and details. I hope to see you all out there on March 27.

March will be a great month to catch up on a little brewing. We have a few events on the calendar, but the days are waning in which we will have good stable fermentation temperatures. You may even have more beer equipment with which to brew. Jeff Shearer just offered up a good lot of stuff at our last meeting. Now, Curtis Kreid is headed out of state. Much warmer and sunnier days are in his future. Look out for more beer stuff to show at the next meeting or posted on our Facebook page. I happen to be moving too, but only a few miles across town. Sorry but I’m going to hold onto my beer gear.

Brew-a-thon is on track for Saturday May 2nd. I’m sure it will be a wonderfully sunny day. Maybe not too sunny… Last year, we almost had worse attendance on a gorgeous day as we had the year before in the miserably cold, wet and snowy day. I guess warm but overcast is the best we can ask for to get good attendance. All of those that do intend to brew there, would you consider hosting someone new to brew with you? We have already been talking up Brew-a-thon to the BJCP class and have a few people excited to check it out. I had a great time hosting a brand new brewer last year. It helped me to better work out all the steps I go through to make a batch of beer. You don’t often think about it until put on the spot to explain it all. Plan to be at 9551 Emerald Street on Saturday May 2nd for the nationwide toast at 9am.

I get a warm feeling thinking about the summer events coming up. Almost like I can already sense the bug dope and sun on my skin. Surely the sun will make an appearance for us at the Trail River group site for our summer camp out on the weekend of June 12th – 14th. I haven’t really told them yet, but I had the intention of inviting out the Kenai Tasters to hang out with us. Seems like good middle ground and a good opportunity to share good beverages at another great family event. Details will come out as the event draws near. Kat Karabelnikof has offered to coordinate this event, and gets to call the theme for the weekend. I’m sure I will have more info for you in next month’s newsletter. Please plan to join us all at the Trail River campground for our summer camp out.

I seem to have rambled on and filled a pretty long Prez Sez. I still don’t necessarily get to elaborate a whole lot. I am happy to field any questions that you have. Send me a questions at

Keep your brews hot and beers cold.
-Prez Peter

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