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The Prez Sez, by Peter Hall - February, 2015

There’s so much going on that I can’t believe it. It’s been a real ride through surviving beer week, getting through this crazy winter that hasn’t happened, and even my talking about spring events in this article. I’m feeling quite calm in spite of all the confusion. The GNBC board has already been a huge help in ushering in 2015. I have thanks to give and events to make you all aware of. Please allow me to take you on a four month ride.

Beer week was the smash hit that we all knew it would be. So far, I’ve heard nothing but good things about the GNBC and BGA meeting at the Snow Goose. I think it went quite well. My son Clark certainly had a great time. Thank you, Snow Goose, for being the congenial host that you always are. Thank you to all of the generous people that contributed to a slightly modified and very successful raffle. Thank you Greg Koch for spending some time with our unusual and remarkable club. Especially, thank you to all of the GNBC and BGA members that pitched in to make this meeting such a great success. Like I said before, I have so far heard all good things about this meeting. If you have something to share with me, I would still like to hear from you. Who knows what is in store for the future of this meeting? So long as we continue to have all the great support, I know it will be a tremendous success.

Homebrew competitions are always right around the corner. The Big Fish homebrew competition was stupendous and I’m very excited to see the commercial iteration of the winning beer. The Fur Rondy competition is right around the corner and I hope that you already have some brews ready. This competition happens to be on Saturday, February 21, just a couple short weeks after the beginning of the next BJCP classes which start on February 8th. I’m sure that there will be no problem attracting enough judges for this the Rondy competition, but I’ve been surprised in the past. The bottom line is that this event needs your support in both judging horsepower and in stewarding the beer for the judges. Please review the article below. In the related article, you’ll find all of the important details like when are where to drop off your entries and when to be where to help judge or steward.

Talkeetna Beer Tripping always manages to creep up on me. This year is a little different I think. It will actually be one week earlier than it has been in the past. The funky winter is also to blame. Beer Tripping is a short month and a half away! Plan to be in Talkeetna on the weekend of March 27th-29th. This is the sixth year for this event and Joe Michael is working hard with Denali Brewing to put together another stupendous weekend. I know that Talkeetna appreciates seeing us there in their beautiful albeit a little slow early spring. We get to take over the town!

April is just a little slower, but that is ok. We need a break now and then. A breather is great, even if short lived. We will still have our usual monthly meeting, which is a potluck, and another homebrew competition. I don’t yet have anything figured out for Snow Goose Breakup Competition. I worked with the board to figure out categories for 2015, but didn’t get very far. I will get that finished up and mass mail it out to everyone ASAP.

It’s hard to believe, but I can mention the National Homebrew Day event in May within my usual newsletter timeline of three months. After a not-so heated debate with the board, we have all decided to move our annual Brewathon back to the first Saturday in May. We will be back in line with the AHA and all of our other friends to celebrate National Homebrew Day. Last year was a great experience. It was fun to learn that you will have equal attendance at an outdoor event on one of the worst “spring” days in Anchorage ever, as you would on one of the best spring days ever. I have a feeling that we won’t have a lot of snow pile problems by early May. Whatever happens, the event is slated for Saturday, May 2nd. Plan to be there. If you are able, please also plan to teach someone new to brew on that day.

There is a lot to be happy about in the GNBC. We have great friends all around Alaska. They all can still only do so much to keep us running the way we do. I have a ton of help from the executives and board that make my time appreciably easier. We all still count on the rest of the GNBC to clue us in when we can do better. We regularly need help for things like the competitions and brewathon. Please let me know anytime you see a place that you can help. Send me any questions/comments/ concerns at

Keep your brews hot and beers cold.
-Prez Peter

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