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The Prez Sez, by Peter Hall - September, 2014

The sun still somehow managed to come out for me when I wrote this article. The weekend had wonderfully warm days with the sun’s rays trying in vain to tan my cheeks one last time. I should probably stop talking about it. A wind will blow to level the playing ground. My penance will come due and the skies will close in. I guess that isn’t all bad. It is a season of change, and cloudy days usually mean warmer weather next season.

It certainly is a time of change, change of more than one variety. The nights are cooling and I am less apt to spend all the time I have available outside. The brews have more favorable temperatures to expand into available spaces in my home, and the garage is actually warmer now that I have turned the furnace back on. It is also a new year (of sorts). The membership year has come around again. For an amount comparable to pocket change, you can enjoy all to benefits of the GNBC for another year.

There is more than one option to renew your membership. You could go to http:// right now and pay using paypal. It’s quick, easy, and very procrastinator-friendly.

You can also show up to the first meeting of the new membership year with your yearly dues and Kat would be happy to get a card to you very soon. Kat, I, and at least a few other GNBCers will be meeting up for that meeting at the Snow Goose basement at 7pm September 16th. At the meeting I will be recapping all of those wonderful ben- efits available to the club.

A huge thank you goes out to the Levinsons for hosting the GNBC August BBQ. I sadly was not in attendance. I very much want to make it to all of these events, but things like hunting trips occasionally get in the way. Rick and Eileen are magnanimous hosts who are always eager to help the club. I know that good times were had. Thank you!!!

Competitions are again on the horizon. There are a few here and there through the summer, but the ones the garner HBOTY points are concentrated around the “every- thing but summer” season. Up first is the Anchortown homebrew comp on September 14, hosted by King Street. Up the very next weekend is the Equinox Mead comp on September 20. Please check out the articles below. My eyes were working a little better than my brain at newsletter time last month. The information was intended to be included with the newsletter but I couldn’t seem to pull my act together. Ideally, I will do better this month. Valdez homebrew comp is also coming up in October. You are generally well rewarded for winning brews in competitions, but the Valdez comp is especially rich. See the form below for entry info.

Elections are right around the corner, and I’m getting a little itchy. I want names, sooner rather than later. You may have caught in the last article that I do not intend to run again for president. It has been a great ride, but I feel two years is enough for me at the top spot. Hopefully I will be able to win a board position though. I want to quell any fears that people may have, and to have the ballots fill nicely well in advance of the November elections. We do have work to do, but I promise that it has its benefits. Please email me if you have any particular question/comments/concerns at

Keep your brews hot and beers cold.
-Prez Peter

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