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The Prez Sez, by Peter Hall - December, 2014

There is finally snow on the ground and even though the sun is very scarce, I feel brighter. The snow is thin and a little sloppy, but I’ll take it. whatever the weather, we have a myriad of events that can keep us all entertained. Details on Beer Week are about as sparse as usual for this time of year, but I will put together everything I can for you here. Last month we finally held our elections. We had a great turnout for the meeting and participation was sprightly. The incumbency rate is high (as usual in almost any elected office) but a few new board members managed to sneak in. The GNBC leadership for 2015 is as follows: Prez – Peter Hall, Vice Prez – Mike Fisher, Secretary – Jeff Shearer, Treasurer – Jodie Mack, Board Members – Kevin Soboleski, Jason Lewis, Sean Mack, Chris Cruthers, Jim O’Toole. Kat Karabelnikoff is back for another year as membership coordinator. You can find emails for everyone in the along the left of this newsletter or, of course, you can contact me.

It’s party time! We have a long day to attend to on Saturday, December 6th. First up we have the 20th Annual Humpy’s Big Fish Homebrew Competition. I plan to be there at 9am to make sure everything is set up and ready for the start at 10am. We have just about 100 entries to work on with an impressive showing of sours. Humpy’s is always the consummate host and I have no doubt they will help us to have another great competition. If you are new to judging, this is the competition to go to. All of the experienced judges know that Humpy’s takes care of us so well, so pairing up experience with inexperience is not a problem.

Keeping the good times rolling, we also have the GNBC Christmas Party on December 6th. We will be meeting up at the Gateway Hall of the Alaska Zoo at 4731 O’Malley Rd at 7pm. 2 Cent Acre is back to rock the old fashioned speakeasy. This is our second year at the Zoo. The first year seemed pretty popular so we decided to go back again. One thing I learned from last year is that the raffle does not work well. It is too much of an interruption to the party. We have an alternative that is very quickly discussed in the article down below.

A date is set, but little else. I am really just about 99.9% sure that we will be at the Snow Goose Theater on January 15th for the Beer Week meeting. I hope that you don’t feel that I am leaving you in the dark. I will certainly pass along any info I have as it comes available. I have a few sources of information, but far and away the best is You are of course always welcome to contact me at I do know that the party will be a great time. You could probably still call is “the new system” even though we have been doing it for two years now. Many of you can probably imagine how this party will go. Do make sure that your membership is current to that we know how many invitations we need. BE ON A LOOKOUT for updated info in this event.

Competitions seem to always be around the corner. I’m stretching a little to include this, but I have info so I will. You actually have time to get a few things brewed. We do not have HBOTY categories picked out yet for 2015, but as usual, I will get the info to you ASAP. Fur Rondy Competition has been set for Saturday February 21. There is an article down below with a little more info.

I look forward to another year as GNBC Prez. Three years is a bit of a stretch, but I think I can handle it. I hope that I am doing a good job, and really am trying to lead by example. I ask all the time for judges for competitions. If you show up, you should see me there too. If ever I am lacking (like in coordinating educational segments for meetings) do not hesitate to let me know. I try to avoid spamming your emails, but if I’m not providing enough, LET ME KNOW. You can contact me at

Keep your brews hot and beers cold.
-Prez Peter

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