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The Prez Sez, by Peter Hall - October, 2014

The season is changing, and I’m rather happy about it. The sunshine voodoo I work is still in effect, but it is quite a bit chillier outside. The transitions in Alaska can be a little rough, but the end result is often quite nice (according to me). I look forward to the snow and the lights that go up all over town. I also look forward to easily fermenting a batch of beer and a whole new year of GNBC events that I’d like to share.

The new GNBC membership year has begun. Many of you have already signed up for another year of a packed calendar, but if you have not you can go to: . Now is the time to renew your membership with Alaska’s best hombrew club.

On the topic of transitions, think about the upcoming GNBC leadership elections. As per our bylaws, it is time for the club to hold elections for all of the executive positions as well as for all three of our board member seats. I have some people that have already offered to run again, but I still need volunteers to put their name on the ballot. Up for grabs are the positions of GNBC President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and the three board positions.

I want to say a huge thank you to all of the people that showed up for the Equinox competition at Celestial Meads. There were a ton of first timers there. The first timers were placed with people that had been there before and everything went along smoothly. I think you would have a very hard time arguing with the results of the competition. There were a ton of great entries and we still managed to ferret out the winners with relative ease. Thank you to all those who entered, those who judged, to Breck Tostevin for coordinating the event and of course to Mike Kiker for facilitating. It all made for a great competition

Before you know it, it will be winter time and the Humpy’s Big Fish Competition will be here. This is the last GNBC competition of the year in which you can garner points for Home Brewer of the Year. Of course, I have been keeping lackadaisical records, but I know the competition is pretty tight this year. HBOTY categories for Big Fish are BJCP styles 3: (European Amber), 5: (Bock), 13: (Stout), 17: (Sour) and 19: (Strong Ale) with a side challenge of 26B: (Braggot). These styles should make for a very interesting competition . Humpy’s always plays a great host. Keep an eye out for event details as December draws near.

The Valdez Homebrew Competition is much sooner. It may not earn you HBOTY points, but it can put a few dollars in your pocket. I have copied the information for last month’s PDF attachment and pasted it into an article down below.

Christmas is quite a ways away still, but our annual GNBC Christmas Party is not. For the last few years, we have held the GNBC Christmas party on the same day as Big Fish, and hopefully this year will be the same. Last year’s Christmas party was a smashing success in part because of all the great help with set up and clean up. Date and location are yet to be confirmed, but I will be sure to let you know as information becomes available.

October tends to be a pretty fun month for me. I have a hard time filling a newsletter article, but this is when my brewing season really gets started again. My wife and I are also pretty big fans of Hall-o-ween (what we call it in my house).

The GNBC really does need people to continue to step up to help. It can be anything from sticking around at the end of a meeting to help clean up, to running one of the upcoming leadership vacancies. It can mean judging at the various competitions we support. GNBC needs your support! All of you that have stepped up and supported this club, and continue to do so are greatly appreciated. We couldn’t be the club that we are without you. I have not absolutely decided if I will or will not run again for Prez. I’m hoping to see some names roll in before I know which way I’ll go. I want to help the club and am yet to see where I will best be of service. Sorry to be vague. Of course you could email me at if you have questions, comments or concerns (or want to throw you name in the hat.)

Keep your brews hot and beers cold.
-Prez Peter

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