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The Prez Sez, by Peter Hall - April, 2014

Again I am here exercising my strange warm weather voodoo. I write the Prez Sez and it gets warm outside. It’s not really quite so weird anymore. It’s spring time! My family still did our usual spring ritual, just in case. I’m more than happy to line out how to make you garden grow with lots of sun Grampa Hall style, but it would not fit very well here. White/slushy stuff has fallen a few times in the last season before. Hopefully the sun will manage to stick around for the next weekend or two. Either way, you can’t stop the train of events that are right around the corner.

I’m actually twitching a little. Saint Patrick’s is far enough behind that all those effects should be worn off. That train of events is exciting and a little intimidating! This newsletter probably won’t be published before we make it out curling. So, on Saturday March 29 an exuberant group of club members headed out to the Anchorage Curling Club. The curling club is an enthusiastic host, and we are enthusiastic guests: Thank you ACC! I hope to see this be a regular spring tradition. So long as you will have us, we will be happy to bring a few homebrews along to share. Talkeetna Beer Trippin’ is only a few days away! Of course I waited until the last second to make my reservations. I’m sure though that there are still options available if you have decided you would like to come out. Everyone who has been paying attention knows that this is a huge event. It’s both busy and extremely relaxed. There is more than enough planned to keep you busy from Friday night until Sunday afternoon. There isn’t much to update, but there is still some info below if you would like to review.

One very short week after Beer Trippin’ is the Snow Goose Spring Breakup Competition. This event is a little different in that it is open to only 5 styles, as well as the side challenge. This is the first chance for all of the freshly trained beer judges to exercise their new skills. I’ve been trying to act like a judge for about a year now. I’d like to think that my skills have improved over that time and I know that the BJCP classes have helped. Come on out and help Dan Bosch and the GNBC to have a successful competition. I’ll even line out all the particulars and ask for judges again in a little write up below.

There were a few of us at Brew-a-thon last year, and I think at least as many that decided not to go. The weather was less than inviting. We still had a successful day and a good time, but it wasn’t easy. In a little experiment to see if we can hit better weather more reliably, the board has decided to host Brew-a-thon on May 10. I, and many other GNBC’ers, will be headed back out to Emerald Street to make a whole bunch of brew in one day. Start with the traditional toast at 9am and then get the boil rolling. Kevin Sobolesky is always a great host and writer. Check out what he has to say a little further down the newsletter.

Talkeetna Beer tripping is on the horizon! In what, I’m sure, will be wonderful Alaska spring weather we will all be headed back out to Talkeetna for a big weekend of fun and relaxation. There are far too many events to list here, but Mr. Joe Michael has lined out a very nice article for you below. This is an event that is not to be missed. I will certainly by there with my wife, baby and dog. I hope to see you all there on April 4-6 also.”

Make sure to have all your brewing equipment ready for Brew-a-Thon 2014! After all of the fun of last year, the board has felt the need to be a little more flexible on our date. AHA Big Brew is traditionally on the first Saturday in May, but we have decided to give the second Saturday in May a test drive. We will be headed back to the same location as last year on May 10 to brew for an early toast, some masterfully grilled meats, and to brew as much as we can. Check out Mr. Sobolesky’s article for all the particulars.

Summer is actually within reach now. My family has done everything we can to ensure a warm summer. Now the board is starting to make plans for the GNBC summer camp out. Each year the GNBC camp out alternates between two camp ground sites. This year we are back at the Eklutna group site. It is close to town and there is plenty of room to accommodate whoever would like to hang out. It is all happening on the weekend of June 20-22, so there should be no shortage of daylight. We will probably light a fire or two anyways, and share a meal with a few homebrews. No article yet, but mark your calendars to plan to be in Eklutna on June 20-22.

I feel fortunate to get to hang out with the ebullient group of people in the GNBC. All of the happy and generous people are pretty easy to get along with. It has made it a little easier to deal with some of the recent GNBC membership issues. Those should all be getting cleared up know. Kat Karabelnikoff has stepped up to be the new membership coordinator and is jumping in head first. She has already tackled a few smoldering problems, but there may be some that we are not aware of. If you have had any kind of issue with GNBC membership that has not already been resolved, please email me at or Kat at Thank you all very much for your patience.

We have so much to do that it is difficult to keep up. I do the best that I can to get out all the information I have, but I do miss things from time to time. Please email me at if you have any kind of questions, comments, or concerns. I’ll see y’all out there!

Keep your brews hot and beers cold.
-Prez Peter

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